Continuing Professional Development for Dental Practitioners

Dentists CPD is time sensitive, cost effective and pain free.
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Who We Are

Dentists CPD is Australia’s no.1 online portal for Dental CPD requirements. An eminent, Australian-approved CPD content provider, bringing forth a cost-effective, time-saving, and trustworthy portal to all dental practitioners helping you complete all required hours of professional development activities.

Anytime and Anywhere!

By familiarizing ourselves with each step in your professional development process, we are led to think and constantly monitor quality requirements in order to provide adequate feedback to you. In this way, the conditions are established for the result to be exactly what we want it to be, and at the same time the best we can get. Being familiar with the functioning educational mechanisms will encourage us to ask ourselves, is what we deliver the best, or can it be better.

We believe that our continuous development and implementation of innovations as well as a solid collaboration with professionals based on knowledge sharing creates an unshakable foundation for success.

What We Offer

For the current Recertification CPD Cycle, dentists are required to go through a minimum of 60 verifiable hours and seven peer contact activities.

The busy schedules, long appointment lists, and the pressing workload might deter one from completing their required CPD hours. Commuting to one of the presentations at the other end of the city might take moving mountains on some occasions and the list of cancelled appointments will cost you a fortune.  Furthermore, the availability of reliable and approved content providers might warrant your stay away from home and family.

Thus, registering yourself with an approved content provider that ensures taking care of all your continuing educational requirements while providing you effective means for the completion of your compulsory professional development hours, is the best viable option. We strongly believe that Dentist CPD should be time-sensitive, cost-effective, and uncomplicated.

We proudly offer a trusted portal that enables you to complete the required hours at your own pace and from any space of your choosing. In addition to the flexibility, you may also import data you have completed with other providers and manage all your CPD activities in a single portal, available 24/7.

Our platform has been designed for sharing ideas, knowledge and skills. We aim to bring the world’s best practices and procedures to our colleagues through shared forums, training and events.

Through our collaboration with prestigious educational institutions, companies and leading experts, we will ensure that the world’s best practices are available to you.

Quality and Trending Computer-Aided Learning eLearning CPD Content

We love to provide comprehensive content on topics that are trending and influential. You are free to schedule your content from a list of eLearning computer-aided learning courses on topics like Financial Management, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Non-Scientific, Pain Management, Root Caries, Periodontics, Productivity, Pathology, Prosthodontics, Scientific Technology, TM Disorders, and many more.

The courses have been approved for verifiable CPD purposes. Demonstrated by leading experts in the field, our presenters are undoubtedly amongst the best in their niches. With countless hours spent teaching as guest lecturers and dozens of articles published in peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed journals; they are here to make your professional development a genuinely enriching experience. The modules are of 15-30-60 minute’s duration that you can access any number of times, at one’s convenience.

The Membership package permits you to access to all our content, record all your activities, and download your log any time of the year at any hour of the day. You can also add your activities completed with other 3rd party providers and bring all of your CPD compliance into one portal. Your hours for a specific course will be logged automatically once you complete the last lesson of the course.

Need Help Completing Your CPD Hours?

Our computer aided learning is as effective as face-to-face education. Dentists hard-pressed for time can benefit the most. The flexibility offered by our courses allows you to plan your learning around your work and other priorities and not vice versa. The easy-to-use system that you can access anytime, anywhere is simple and convenient.

Our portal brings together all participating dentists, dental assistants and dental technicians. We are dedicated to promoting modern principles and ways of working effectively in contemporary dentistry.

The amount of time and money saved in commuting and the freedom of choosing your module and presenter for any given day makes this type of professional development less taxing. With no overheads or paperwork involved in the documentation and verification of your educational hours, we keep our promise of providing the best portal to complete your binding Continuing Professional Development.

If you are also a dentist, an assistant or a dental technician who wants to expand their knowledge, share ideas and interact with experts in order to complete your CPD hours – join us! Become part of a community consisting of innovative, positive and dynamic dental gurus.

If you’d like to be part of our prestigious Australian dental portal and wrap up your CPD
hours in the most efficient way possible, it’s not too late to register. The second Recertification cycle ends on the 30th of September 2019.

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Continuing Professional Development for Dental Professionals

Dentists CPD is time sensitive, cost effective and pain free.
Access your portal anytime, anywhere. Complete our online courses and update your CPD records.
Be compliant for the 30th November.

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